Pocket Pro Drone Quadcopter Beast

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Martshack is proud to give you our Pocket Pro Drone Quadcopter Beast. The drone is breaking records indoors with its home-friendly design, kid friendly controller and man friendly power. the is the ideal drone for any beginner moderate (and of course for any pro look for an incredibly toy to play with indoors or confined outdoor arena) 

Calling all professional pilots to the ground for take off - we have only 100 units at this spectacular opening rate.

Action Time: 4 to 5 minutes
State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
Controller Battery: 4 x AA Battery ( Not included )
Plugs Type: USB
Remote Distance: About 50 meters
Dimensions: 7x7x2.7cm




As of the June 24th we have 100 units in stock and  offering them at 50% discount. Once this batch of inventory has been happily purchased we will raise the rate accordingly. BUT, don't worry...the full rate is still an explosive for this professionally miniaturized beast drone.

Happy flights and happy battles!